5 Big Kitchen Trends in 2017

It’s a great idea to keep on top of the emerging and enduring trends in kitchen design. Here we take a look at the top 5 trends predicted for 2017 

1. Tactile textures
It’s great to see designers experimenting with incorporating a variety of textures such as timber elements, the unique veins of natural stone, or the unrefined finish of concretes, printed patterns and matt finishes.

2. Thin benchtops
In terms of benchtops at the moment, the thinner the better! And particularly when the almost wafer-thin benchtop can be cantilevered out into an adjoining space, it makes a huge visual impact. 

3. Gold tapware
Although we’re still loving our bright and brushed chrome finishes, it’s nice to see a new range of golds – particularly the rose gold option – available. Many manufacturers now have a tapware option in gold and rose gold, usually both polished and matt. Golds work in a range of design environments and are often a softer visual finish than the bright chromes, so they can make for a more enduring end result.

4. Hexagon tiles!
Geometric shapes such as these can add visual interest either in a random pattern or, as laid here, in a repeating pattern. 
The geometry of the tiles works really well in a kitchen area because it plays to the same linear aspect. 

5. Hardworking storage walls
Designers are working on how to balance practicality with a growing need to achieve style elements that also suit a kitchen space. 
One such example is the hardworking kitchen wall that keeps all of your cooking implements conveniently located in the same place, leaving the rest of your kitchen to max out on easystyle ideas such as the wall of tiles above.